BERG GO 2 SparX Yellow

From Berg Toys
Category Baby Toys
Age Range 0-2+
Age 10 months+
Price £85.00
Rating Gold
Year Reviewed 2020
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Get ready to roll with this combination push-car/go-kart that transitions as your child grows. In the first phase, little ones learn how to sit, steer and scoot, and in the second phase, fold out the pedals and learn to ride. The gokart also features silent whisper tyres that will never go flat. It really looks the part, too, with its cool yellow and black ‘paintwork’ and its slick racing profile.

Testers Say

‘It’s sturdy, brightly-coloured and the 2-in-1 feature makes this ride-on dynamic heaps of fun. A good way to build confidence in little riders.’