Save your energy!


Wholesale gas price rises mean that British families will almost certainly see their utility bills soar this spring, with some households experiencing a jump of up to £139 in energy costs. But there are ways you can save money, and stay energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, simply by being more mindful around your home. Here are Net Voucher Codes tips on how to keep the bills down:

Move furniture

Make sure furniture is not covering radiators as this can block heat from your home. A sofa or bulky chair will trap heat, meaning you’re paying for the warmth but not feeling the benefit of it.

Fridge freezers

These hefty white goods can consume up to a third of all the power in your home. Investing in an energy-efficient appliance should lower the cost of running them long term and reduce CO2 emissions. Fridges with energy labels A+++ will consume up to 80 per cent less than a D rating.

Keep the door shut and avoid spending a long time browsing for the perfect snack! Your fridge will be working overtime trying to achieve its optimum temperature. Don’t forget to defrost your fridge when needed. A build-up of ice could seriously damage its efficiency.


Regularly running for hours on standby will waste loads of electricity. Switching the power off at the wall is the best way to avoid this energy munching mistake. Select an LED TV rather than an LCD or plasma screen as they consume far less energy.

Tumble dryers

While they are a complete blessing when you need your washing in a hurry, the tumble dryer is notorious for racking up your energy bills. Be more mindful when it comes to drying your clothes. Make the most of sunny days and hang out the washing to dry in the fresh air. When you do use your tumble dryer, make sure it’s full to maximise efficiency. The less you use it, the better!


Switching off lights when you leave a room is probably the most talked-about energy-saving tip. While it may be the simplest way to save energy, it’s surprising how many of us forget. And don’t forget, energy-efficient LED light bulbs can be up to 80 per cent more efficient than conventional bulbs.

Desktop computers

These are energy-hungry and can cost up to £13 a year to run. This all adds up, especially when compared to the annual £4 used for your portable laptop. Add a printer into the mix and you will be spending even more.

Smart thermostats

Investing in a smart thermostat is a great way to control how much energy you’re using through your central heating. Thermostats can be set from your phone, letting you control the temperature from afar. Put your heater on a timer so you’re not overspending without even realising it.

Investing in a more energy-efficient, A-rated condensing boiler could save you up to £300 per year. These new style boilers include a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls.


If you want to stop heat escaping from your home, insulate your roof. Retaining the heat inside your home means you could shave up to £130 off your energy bills each year. That’s a lot of money when you think of the number of years you might be living in your house!

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