Perfect pebbles


There’s nothing quite like searching the rocks on a beach until that special one catches your eye – a perfect shape, a gorgeous colour, an intriguing pattern.

As the UK moves out of lockdown and parents begin to plan family vacations, The Pebble Spotter’s Guide (published by National Trust Books on June 10, price £9.99) is the perfect introduction for children and parents of all ages to the mindful pleasure of pebble spotting. Exquisitely illustrated by Ella Sienna, the guide gives practical advice on how to identify 40 pebbles and where to find them, making a trip to the beach or riverbank all the more interesting for everyone.

Author and geologist Clive Mitchell says: ‘All you need to do is just sit on a beach or next to a stream for 10 minutes to discover amazing treasures at your feet. Hidden in plain sight along every shoreline is the beauty of a smooth pebble. They are usually formed from a naturally occurring rock that has been worn smooth by the action of water on beaches, or in lakes and rivers. There are also pebbles formed from artificial materials such as concrete, brick and glass.’