Magical mindset


Ex-England Lioness and new mum Ellen White has teamed up with toy brand Vtech Baby to investigate the magical journey that parents embark on, before and after having a child.

In a survey of UK parents of children aged four months to four years, it was found that the ‘milestone mindset’ adopted by many couples changes significantly before and after having a child when goals are often re-prioritised. Seven in 10 of those surveyed said that pre-parenthood, they set themselves personal milestones to motivate them to achieve more in life. By contrast, new parents continue to set themselves goals for their own personal development and growth, but these are less likely to be influenced by the expectations of others. Typical comments included: ‘My personal goals became less important’ and ‘I measure success differently now.’

This is a sentiment that ex-England Lioness and new mum Ellen White relates too. She says: ‘As a professional footballer, I have always had a mindset-orientated focus which has driven me to achieve things, sometimes against the odds. But there is no doubt that having a baby, whose needs I want to put before my own, not only changes that focus but has given me an incredible sense of perspective and has brought huge joy.’