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When it comes to the laundry load, kids are generally the biggest users in the household! But making minor adjustments to your washing routine will not only help you manage your load but also make your cycle more sustainable. Celia Muñoz, Founder of La Coqueta Kids, has five top tips to minimise your environmental footprint while washing your children's clothes.

Machine wash only when necessary

This sounds obvious, but do you really assess every item of your child's clothing before bunging it in the machine? Things like cardigans, dungarees, and other items of clothing that haven't been worn next to the skin don't normally require cleaning after just one wear. Be sure to make a conscious decision to machine-wash and ask yourself whether you can hold back clothing for another cycle. If your child has sensitive skin and things need to be washed more frequently than usual, try switching from a cycle to a handwash to cut down on how often you use the washing machine.

Choose a cooler wash

Before you start your load of laundry, make sure to check the care label first, as it states the highest temperature you can wash your garment at, which isn't always what is needed. Although a warm wash is most effective at getting rid of stubborn stains, it is also more damaging to clothes, causing them to shrink, wrinkle, and even fade. So avoid washing garments at the maximum temperature unless they are badly stained. By choosing a cooler wash, you can not only extend the life of your clothing and save money on energy costs, but it also works best when washing items with delicate details, like ruffles or embellishments.

Handwash garments that require more attention

Hand washing might mean extra work, but it’s worth it as it gives extra life to those special items in your child’s wardrobe. Even though hand washing is often reserved for items that require delicate care, it’s an effective option for minor stains that require targeted treatment without the need to start an entirely new cycle.

Hang clothes on the line

Hanging your clothes out to dry is the best way to avoid the wear and tear of a dryer and can help give your child's clothes a fresh and clean scent. If you don’t have the outside space, invest in an indoor clothing rack: just be sure to keep your clothes separated for better air circulation and faster drying.

Shop consciously

Taking care of your child’s clothes can help them last longer, and choosing high quality materials will extend their life for generations to come. When you shop, make a conscious effort to look for items made from natural fibres like cotton and linen. These materials are often much stronger and more durable than synthetic materials, and due to their hypoallergenic properties, organic materials can feel gentler on the skin, reducing the chance of irritation.


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