Sleep tight


Children who are starting school or nursery need all the sleep they can get as a healthy sleep routine plays a role in your child’s capacity to listen and learn. Silentnight sleep expert, Sally Bonser, offers advice to parents trying to introduce a sensible sleep routine for the busy school week.

  • Lots of parents are happy for their children to have a later bedtime during the holidays, as they typically aren’t waking up as early for school the following day. But six-year-olds need 9-12 hours of sleep each night to provide them with the best energy levels for school. So, an earlier bedtime during term time is key.
  • To guarantee that your kids are waking up at the right time and getting enough sleep, gradually bring forward bedtime each night until it matches their usual term-time routine. The initial shock of waking up earlier will be reduced, making for a better morning mood.
  • Limit screen time before bed. Light from phone screens and the TV is a sure way to prevent sleep. Try to minimise tech time before bed, with phones and iPads being removed from the room until the next day to avoid distractions. Replace tech time with an alternative activity, such as reading.
  • If your child struggles to fall asleep after a summer of fun and later nights, make sure that the bedroom is an optimum sleep environment. Consider using black-out blinds: this will block any unnecessary sun from shining through and preventing sleep.
  • Make sure your child’s bedding is as comfortable as can be, to suit their sleep style. The Silentnight Healthy Growthy Breathable Pillow features mesh sides to increase airflow, ideal for those who tend to get a little hot during the night. For those who need a little calm before sleep, the Silentnight Healthy Growth Calming Duvet is 40 per cent heavier than a standard duvet, providing a hug-like feeling to promote a deeper sleep.”

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