BB Junior Splash And Play Submarine Projector

From BB Junior
Category Baby Toys
Age Range 0-2+
Age 3 months+
Price £9.99
Rating Silver
Year Reviewed 2021
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Bath time becomes an interactive adventure with this floating submarine, which projects colourful sea life underneath when you push down on the periscope. It provides ample stimulation for babies, who will enjoy the underwater visual spectacle; older tots will whizz the submarine around the bath on extravagant maritime adventures.

Testers Say

‘It can be quite a struggle getting my middle child into the bath so any diversion is very welcome! This submarine projector is different to any of the bath toys we have. All three of my children love it – including my four-year-old middle child. My nine-month-old was particularly fascinated by the colourful projections. It’s great for various ages and really enhances bathtime.’