Top potty tricks from Tik Tok


Some children sail through toilet training, but for many it can become a bit of an issue!

Oceans scoured popular social media app Tik Tok to find the best hacks to help toilet training your toddler:

Here are some signs that your child is ready for the transition from nappies.

* If their nappy stays dry for two hours at a time or more.

* If they ask to use a potty/ the toilet.

* If they hide when they are using the toilet.

* If they understand and follow directions well.

If the answer to these four questions is yes, it’s time to start toilet training your toddler. So, here are some top Tik Tok tips:

Put the ball in their court

When it comes to potty training your child, it’s important that they’re learning to register correctly when they need the toilet. Part of training is about them understanding when they need to go in time to use the toilet correctly.

Remind them regularly

Taking your child to the toilet every 20 minutes may not work. Instead, try using the phrase ‘remember to tell me when you need to go potty.’ This puts the responsibility on your child to understand their body and start recognising the signs.

Stay positive

It is important to remain positive even when the inevitable accidents happen. Remember not to be too harsh.

Reward systems

Rewards are a tried-and-tested method of positive reinforcement. Stickers are a great way to make toilet training fun and one popular TikTok video shows a temperature-reactive toilet sticker that changes colour when peed on. And the best part is that they’re reusable! Simply rinse with cold water and they’ll turn back to black. Other methods include using a sticker chart to keep track of how many times a day they’re using the toilet correctly.