Little worriers


Do you have an anxious child? If so, you are not alone. A new book, How to Support You Anxious Child: A Practical Guide for Parents and Carers (paperback, £10.99) by Poppy O’Neill offers helpful advice and practical tips for supporting the 1 in 4 children that will experience anxiety in their childhood.

Children are often reluctant to speak about their worries or don't have the language to articulate them. This makes it difficult to know how serious their concerns are and how you can support them. A child's worries can also be projected onto the caregiver, which can create a cycle of anxiety in the relationship.

How to Support Your Anxious Child offers quick-to-action parenting solutions, effective coping strategies and simple lifestyle changes to help you help your child. These tools will encourage children to express their feelings and manage their anxiety by building resilience and self-confidence for life.

The book includes:

• Identifying the source of your child's anxiety.

• Helping your child practise calming techniques when they feel anxious.

• Teaching your child simple relaxation exercises.

• Instilling good habits in your child's routine, including better sleep and diet.

• Knowing when to seek support.