The Big Freeze


With Christmas supply chain concerns looming, penny-pinching pros at have come up with eight lesser-known food items that can be stored in the freezer to help households save money and prep ahead.


Many stores are already highlighting concerns over Christmas stock levels. To guarantee a prize turkey or a joint of roast beef, buy and freeze ahead of time. Check that the food will still be in date and good to defrost by December 25th.

Brussel sprouts

These can easily be grown at home, but if gardening’s not your thing, you can buy ahead and blanche or roast them before freezing to guarantee full flavour.


This honey-coated Christmas favourite will stay good to eat for around nine months. You can freeze them in small cubes, or chunks, along with carrots, peas and other festive staples. Blanching parsnips before freezing them will lock in flavour and texture.


This can be frozen as a full block, or grated, so you can grab handfuls of cheese as and when you need it. Many cheeses, from mozzarella to parmesan, will happily freeze, but cottage cheese may react badly.


Frozen milk must be fully thawed before use, and give the carton a big shake before pouring to ensure all the solids and liquids have been fully mixed. Milk expands when frozen, so don’t put it in a tight container.


This should be frozen when fresh or it will be slightly stale when defrosted. You can freeze it as a full loaf, or in individual slices if this is easier. Leave your bread to thaw naturally or pop it straight into the toaster.


Eggshells can’t be frozen, but everything else can. Crack the eggs into a muffin tray, then place in the freezer. Once fully frozen they can be transferred into a plastic container, freeing up space.


Chocolate doesn’t contain much water, meaning it won’t change as much as other items when frozen or defrosted. Put the chocolate in the fridge for a few hours before placing it into the freezer, as this will help bring the temperature down slowly, reducing the risk of the flavour or appearance changing.