Staying abreast


Going back to work and breastfeeding? Philips Avent feeding and wellbeing expert Vicki Scott`* has some helpful tips:

  • You will need a private, suitable place to express while at work and somewhere to store your milk. Discuss these things with your employer who is obliged by law to make reasonable allowances for breastfeeding.
  • Consider your childcare options. A workplace nursery may enable you to visit your baby for feeds. If work is close to home then could a caregiver bring baby to you for one or more feeds? If you are to be away from home all day you may want to express milk for your baby.
  • Establish an expressing routine before going back to work. Get to know your pump, get used to expressing and how to store and reheat your milk.
  • Express in advance means that you can build up a stock of milk in the freezer. Breastmilk can be stored for three months in a home freezer.
  • If you feel your milk supply is slowing down after your return to work, use any days off to feed your baby more often to give your supply a boost for the days ahead.
  • Take care of yourself by eating regular meals, staying well hydrated and getting as much rest as possible.

Vicki Scott is a midwife who runs the New Baby Company Visit