School is too costly


Many British parents are worried that the cost of sending their children to school is rising, says a poll by Parentkind*. More than half the 1,500 parents polled expressed concerns about costs. The cost of uniform was the most common concern (46 per cent), followed by school trips (44 per cent) and school meals (19 per cent).

Almost two-fifths of the parents had been asked to donate to a school fund this year – and more than a quarter of them said they gave more than £10 a month.

Of the parents surveyed:

  • 22 per cent had been asked to pay for school clubs that used to be free.
  • 20 per cent had been asked to pay for events such as sports day or concerts.
  • 16 per cent had been asked to supply teaching equipment.
  • 11 per cent had been asked to help with maintenance activities such as redecorating classrooms and cutting grass and hedgerows.
  • 6 per cent had been asked to supply essentials such as toilet paper.

The survey was conducted before extra funding for schools in England was announced by the PM Boris Johnson in August.

Parents were asked how any additional money given to their child's school should be spent:

  • 55 per cent said it should go on learning resources such as textbooks and science equipment.
  • 43 per cent said IT equipment.
  • 39 per cent said child mental health services.
  • 36 per cent said maintaining school buildings.
  • 36 per cent said school trips.
  • 34 per cent said pupils with special educational needs and disabilities*

Parentkind is a charity which promotes parental involvement in children’s education. Visit