New app to teach road safety


Every week, one child is killed on UK roads and around 37 are seriously injured. Worldwide, preventable road traffic accidents represent the second largest cause of death or disability for children aged 5-14 years old. Road safety is not part of the core curriculum in primary education.

Now Dr Catherine Purcell from Cardiff University has launched a virtual reality game to teach kids about road safety. Virtual Road World immerses children in a virtual environment where they need to cross roads as they find their way around a virtual city. By playing, they learn how to safely navigate roads, traffic and crossing points.

‘The app has been developed not to replace but to support existing road safety educational practices,’ says Dr Purcell. ‘Research shows us that educating children through the use of illustrated books or kerbside activities can be time and resource intensive. So we are using technology to upskill children in their understanding of road safety.’

Sally Lines, CEO of Road Safety Trust says: ‘Virtual Road World offers an accessible way to help children choose safe road crossing sites in the real world. We believe it can make a difference to keeping children safer on the roads.’

To access the app search for ‘Virtual Road World’ on the Apple Store.

For more details about the Road Safety Trust visit