Killer homes


Did you know that fridge salad drawers can harbour 750 times the level of bacteria considered safe? Bathroom flannels are contaminated with 747 million bacteria on average, while kitchen cloths conceal a staggering 19.6 billion.

A new interactive guide, Is Your Home Killing You? from Good Move, highlights the hidden dangers that lurk in our homes.

  • In the bedroom – bedding harbours dead skin cells, dust mite faeces and fungi which can cause respiratory issues.
  • In the bathroom – shower heads are a breeding ground for non-tuberculous mycobacteria that can infect the lungs. Staphylococcus bacteria invades bathroom surfaces and your toothbrush holder, leading to gastrointestinal viruses.
  • In the sitting room – salmonella can be found in carpets, causing fever, diarrhoea, cramping and headaches. Your sofa conceals the chemical formaldehyde, which can provoke allergy-like reactions, including burning eyes, wheezing and skin irritation.