Escaping the blues


Children are twice as much at risk as adults of suffering eye damage from blue light, according to new research. Many children spend up to several hours a day on screen and screen usage is on the increase for both adults and children. If left unprotected, younger eyes are at risk of longer-term eye problems such as macular degeneration.

Concern centres around a type of light called blue light which is emitted from screens and tech devices. This high frequency, high energy blue light is proven to cause headaches, eye strain and poor focus and productivity in children.

In response to anxieties voiced by many parents, eye health company Ocushield® have launched Blue Light Glasses for Kids (price £34.99). The blue light-blocking specs are produced specifically for vulnerable younger eyes and are designed to block 99 per cent of Blue and UV light as well as up to 54 per cent of harmful blue light between 400-470 nanometres, the unit of measurement for light.

The long-term benefits of blue light glasses for kids include improvement of focus and sleep quality, a reduction in dry eyes and eye strain, and relief from headache symptoms.

Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12, the lighter-frame glasses are registered with the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration in the US, and also with MHRA, the regulatory body part of the Department of Health in the UK. The range has an anti UV, anti-glare and anti-scratch lens, in addition to being anti blue light, and they come in a range of stylish colors, in clear white, shiny black and tortoise shell.

Ocushield® are giving £1 or $1 for every glasses order to Guide Dogs UK or Orbis, a global charity working to cure preventable eye diseases.