Don't bottle it up


Huge numbers of British parents are admitting that the stresses and strains of modern parenting have taken a toll on their mental wellbeing. In a survey commissioned by CALPOL® as part of their Don’t Bottle It Up campaign with the NSPCC Helpline, no less than 84 per cent of respondents said that, while being a parent has been the best thing to happen to them, the challenges have been enormous.

In the survey:

  • Nearly half of parents believed they weren’t in a good place financially when they first had their child.
  • With the added pressure of outside influences like social media, two thirds of parents felt the pressure to ‘bond’ with their baby or child straight away.
  • 44 per cent stated that they felt the most confident in their parenting skills once their child was above the age of four years.
  • Both mums and dads said they felt the emotional toll of parenting, with 17 perc cent reporting a lack of support and resources during the first six months of parenthood.