Daddy cool!


Dads embarking on the rollercoaster ride of parenting often don’t get anywhere near as much support and advice as mums do. You, the Daddy: The Hands-On Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Years of Fatherhood by Giles Alexander (£14.99. paperback) sets out to change that.

Expectations of new dads and the roles they play during pregnancy and in raising children have never been greater. But as a first-time dad, how do you know where to start? Try this practical guide to parenting from a leading dad-blogger, that’s equal parts honest and reassuring and will also make you laugh.

Split into digestible chapters, this illustrated handbook covers:

• Everything you need to know about pregnancy and how to support your partner.

• Preparing for your new arrival.

• What to expect during labour.

• A step-by-step guide to life with a newborn.

• The journey of your child's development, and advice on raising well-rounded toddlers.

• Looking after your mental health while maintaining a happy family.

With personal stories from a diverse range of other dads, and a real focus on the essential role dads play in their child’s development, You, the Daddy is a practical, informative and sometimes humorous guide to what it means to be a dad today.