Memories are made of this

A time capsule is a priceless addition to any family home and a great way to bond as a family. Personalised keepsake company Write From The Heart has put together their top tips for creating and burying your own time capsule.


In 20 or even 10 years’ time, how will you and your children remember the year 2022? For the children it’s often not the big things – like war and a pandemic – but the small ones that count: like the soft toy your child won at the local fair or the bunting from their third birthday.

Putting together a time capsule can also be a great opportunity to boost your mood and teach your children all about history. It's easy to get caught up in the news at the moment, which makes it even more important to focus on the little things that keep us going.

A recent study published in the Personality and Social Psychology bulletin found that looking back on happier times can improve your wellbeing, boost social connectedness, and reinforce the meaning of life. While building your time capsule, you'll be encouraging your children to collect objects that are important to them right now, which can help you and your family to focus on the moment and remember all the times that made you happy over the last year.

looking back on happier times can improve your wellbeing, boost social connectedness, and reinforce the meaning of life.

When putting together your time capsule, you'll want to encourage your children to collect a whole range of objects that are special to them. By doing this, you can teach your kids about how we use a range of sources, such as photographs, diary entries, letters, and objects, to create a bigger picture of what a certain time period was like.

You could also ask children what sorts of things they would put in their capsule if they lived in another time. For example, you could discuss what you would have added when you were their age or talk about the objects you might add if you lived in the future.

How to make your time capsule

The first step is to choose your container. Pick a box with a strong lid to keep all your memories safe and sound. Try to select a container that's around the size of a shoe box. This will give you plenty of room to add mementos, but the box will be small enough to bury or store somewhere in your home.

The material your box is made from is also important. For a time capsule that will be stored somewhere in your home, most containers will work. Shoe boxes are a popular choice, but you could also use plastic, wooden, or metal versions. You can even get personalised boxes that can be printed with photographs and names of your family.

If you'll be burying your time capsule in the ground, you'll want something strong and sturdy that won't biodegrade over the years, such as an air and watertight box made from aluminium or stainless steel. Try to avoid plastic, wood or cardboard as these could be destroyed by the weather or any wildlife living in the ground.

What to put in it

Items you could consider adding include:

  • Small items of clothing.
  • Photographs (especially of things you think are likely to change)
  • Drawings.
  • Letters or diary entries.
  • Newspaper headlines.
  • A coin from the current year.
  • Mementos from memorable days out
  • Small toys.
  • Hand and footprints.
  • Packaging from your kids' favourite snacks.
  • A TV guide.
  • Wishes and predictions for the future so you can see if they came true.

If you'll be adding paper items to your box and storing them outside, place them inside a plastic bag or wallet to keep them dry in case any water manages to leak into the container.

Where to bury it

If you'd like to keep it indoors, you could place it at the back of a cupboard or in the attic so you're not tempted to open it too early.

If you're thinking of burying it in the garden, you might want to place it in an area that's unlikely to be dug up before it is time. Far away from flower beds is a good option, and your children will love digging around in the mud to find a place for it.

You can make burying your time capsule a ceremony for the whole family to remember by playing music and suggesting children make a speech. Don't forget to place a marker to remind yourself where you planted your time capsule!

Who will open your time capsule?

Set yourself a reminder for the date you plan to open your time capsule. If you want to leave it for future generations to open, you could leave a note somewhere in your home, giving them clues as to where they can find it.

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