Beautiful you!

We spend 365 days a year nurturing our kids and it’s so easy to forget YOU! Make sure to spend some time on looking your best in the lead-up to Christmas with our quick and simple styling tips


  1. 1. You may spend a lot of time in jeans so make sure they’re the right fit in a colour or tone that’s right for the season and for your complexion. Traditionally these are warm and dark for Autumn, cool and deep for Winter, bright and blue for Spring, and soft and cool for Summer. Make sure they go with other seasonal colours in your wardrobe.
  2. 2. Be as environmentally aware as you can. Look out for products that are made from recycled fibres, organic cottons and quality materials. Use locally sourced renewable materials and avoid polyester or nylon because they’re non-biodegradable. Synthetic fabrics are fashion's equivalent to single-use plastic. Having a disposable mindset is not good for the planet’s health! Before you buy yet another cheap-and-cheerful outfit, evaluate if your really need it. Water wastage is very environmentally unfriendly so cutting down on your laundry or always doing a full wash will help. Enjoy hand-me downs.
  3. 3. Use jewellery to lift your outfit in any situation. There are times you haven’t a moment to sit and apply make-up for 90 seconds before you need to dash out of the door. But anyone can grab a necklace and earrings – unless of course your child is still at the ‘pretty thing, let me grab it’ stage!
  4. 4. Don’t wear ill-fitting clothes even if you are a bit bigger than you were. Drowning in over-sized clothes is never a good look, and tight clothes aren’t attractive either. Love your body and shape. Know what your best parts are and draw attention to them, whether that means cinching in your waist or wearing your skirts and dresses a little longer. If you carry a bit of weight around your middle, but have shapely legs, show them off .
  5. 5. Get a big bag with lots of pockets in one of your wow colours! This is a great way of effortlessly adding colour and style while out and about with your little one. Lots of pockets are useful for water cups, snacks, nappies, change of clothes, tissues, wet wipes and so on.
  6. 6. Wearing a patterned top can hide a multitude of sins, from stains to feelings of bloating. Choose a pattern that suits your personality and size, in colours that suit your palette. Pick fabrics that are easy to clean and are machine-washable.
  7. 7. If you get a rare night off, take the opportunity to dress up a little to rediscover your mojo! Dressing for your shape is all in the detail. We all suit different hemlines, necklines, trouser lengths, lapels and sleeves, not to mention of course colours, fabrics, structures, patterns and details. Take time to look in the mirror to check you’re getting those styling details right for your figure and you.
  8. 8. Wear a scarf in one of your wow colours to make your skin look brighter and fresher. It can also serve as a breastfeeding cover if needed.
  9. 9. The right lipstick can work wonders for a hard-working mum’s complexion, as can a natural blusher. Some women are flattered by warm colour lipsticks, others look best in cooler shades. Make sure you’re getting the right shade for your complexion.
  10. 10. Comfy shoes are key because you will be walking a lot when your children are small! But do choose shoes that suit your style,and to add some fun why not choose them in a brighter colour than usual?

House of Colour’s Helen Venables explains how colour affects not only how we look, but also our confidence and mood.

‘Colour plays a huge part in the impression you make on the people around you. Wearing the right colours, you will be more memorable, look brighter and healthier and feel more confident.

It’s fine to wear neutrals, as long as you are wearing the right neutrals for your skin tone. It’s easy to gravitate towards colours we’ve been wearing all our lives. Many of us rely on black as our go-to colour, which we’re often told looks good on everyone. The truth is black only suits some people and can make others appear tired with a dull-looking complexion. If we wear the colours that suit us, we look and feel alive, and energised which in turn affects mood.

It is a bit of a chicken and an egg situation. By taking control and wearing the colours and styles that suit you, you can influence your mood from the beginning of the day and that may affect the outcome of that day, both in the way you feel about yourself and how others respond to you.

It’s not all about wearing bright colours, but the right colours. We all have our own wow colours that always look amazing when worn close to our face. Similarly wearing the wrong make up is a deal breaker. The wrong red lipstick will drain us but the right colour will make our complexion glow and our eyes sparkle.’


There are 100 House of Colour expert personal stylists in the UK offering colour and style analysis, make up classes and over 250 make up products for men and women of all ages. House of Colour stylists will identify the colours that harmonise with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour. They also evaluate clients’ body architecture and personality to build a capsule wardrobe to suit lifestyle and aspirations. They work with clients in small groups or on an individual basis. House of Colour has been awarded the Gold Standard by Investors in People.


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