The best parenting podcasts


Nothing compares to the soothing voice of a skilled podcast presenter, the information digested into your earphones, and the bit of 'me time' a podcast presents you with.

Podcasts are gaining more and more popularity, and they’re becoming increasingly acclaimed amongst parents. When you’re a new mum or dad, it can be hard to steal some 'me time' to indulge in your favourite shows. But while you’re folding the laundry away or watching your child entertain themselves on their playmat, you can add a pinch of leisure time with a good podcast.

UK baby brand Nuby has outlined some of the best parenting podcasts to listen to that will help you learn a few things about parenting, shock you with some facts, and, hopefully, put a smile on your face. It’s time to listen!

The best podcast for general baby advice – “Good Inside with Dr. Becky”

If you’re looking for some general advice on the go, Rebecca Kennedy’s podcast provides trusted information in the span of 30 minutes. From sibling competition to feeling rejected by your child, “Good Inside with Dr. Becky” is your doorway to parenthood 101.
Rebecca Kennedy, PhD is a mum of three herself, so she has plenty of first-hand parenting advice under her belt. On top of that, Dr. Becky is a clinical psychologist, and her advice is matched by science.
Her approach fuses burning Q&As with her listeners and always ends with practical and actionable advice. The show has a spectacular rating of 4.9 both on Apple Podcasts and Spotify altogether, with over 3,000 reviewers.

The best podcast for mental health support for parents – “Happy Mum, Happy Baby”

Having a support network is of vital importance for new parents, and this podcast offers exactly that – a platform where conversations about the highs and lows are discussed with open hearts and minds.
The podcast, hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, is a continuation of her best-selling book of the same title. Each week, she invites a high-profile mum or dad to join in a candid conversation about all things parenthood. Listeners love her, and she reaps a 4.8 overall rating on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, with nearly 6,000 reviewers altogether.
No topic is off limits, so buckle up for a morning or an afternoon of raw, honest, and often hilarious conversations about parenthood.

The best podcast for diverse parenting – “Blended”

Families come in many different forms and whether second marriages, divorce, or adoption are present, showing up to the best of your abilities as a parent and a family is unquestionable.
Kate Ferdinand takes you on a journey to celebrate blended families in her podcast by covering the stories of various relationships and parenthood types that might be slightly different from what is considered “normal”. She champions different voices and experiences from experts, everyday people, and celebrities to shed a positive light on unconventional circumstances.
Kate’s empowering podcast is uniting many parents around the world and has a rating of 4.9 on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, with over 1,400 reviewers altogether.