See a Zebra Shark at SEA LIFE London


SEA LIFE London Aquarium welcomed its newest resident, Zebby the Zebra Shark, to the famous South Bank attraction this May half-term.

Zebby is the first Zebra Shark to make SEA LIFE London Aquarium his home in three years after moving to the big city from Bournemouth Oceanarium, where he has been living since 2004.

Despite their titles, Zebra Sharks only resemble their four-legged counterparts when they are young, as the black and white stripes change to spots reminiscent of a leopard when they mature. The pattern created by the spots is unique to each individual shark with experts likening the patterns on their bodies to human fingerprints.

Speaking of Zebby’s arrival, Catherine Prichard, General Manager at SEA LIFE London Aquarium said: “We are thrilled to welcome Zebby the Zebra Shark to the London Aquarium, and really excited that our guests will be able to see and learn about a new species from this May half-term.

Zebra Sharks are listed by the IUCN Red List as endangered, with SEA LIFE working globally to support the StAR Project, led by international collective ReShark, which aims to recover their numbers in their natural habitat in Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia.

Due to the slow population growth rates of Zebra Sharks, marine conservation actions such as increased fishing regulations and marine protected areas have not been enough to secure their future, with aquarium-bred zebra sharks critical to re-establishing wild populations.

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