Mother's Day craft


Mother's Day is next weekend and Spring is on its way, so what better way to combine the two than with this cute handprint card! Kids will love tracing their hand and making the flowers out of their fingerprints for this craft.

  • Green, brown & white card/paper
  • Different coloured paint
  • Sticker gems
  • Black Sharpie or Marker Pen

1. First start by tracing your handprint on green paper. You can also do a handprint with paint too!

2. Now draw and cut out two flower pots that would fit to size under your handprint. You can draw one and use it to trace the second one so that they are the same size.

3. To make your fingerprint flowers, paint or dip any finger and make 6 petals on each flower.

4. Glue your handprint and flower pot to white cardstock.

5. Fold one of your flower pots at the top (so it will open up) and glue on top of the other flower pot.

6. Cut out your fingerprint flowers and glue on sticker gems for the centre of the petal.

5. Now write your message inside your card.