Healthy Halloween recipes


Juicy spider anyone? Or how about an edible eyeball? Whilst trick or treating is a highlight of the year for scores of mini (and not so mini) trick or treaters, it's also full of sugary sweets and cakes. Organix has come up with a range of Halloween recipes that are healthy and fun!



1 apple

1 lemon (optional)

2 tbsp nut butter of your choice

2 tbsp red fruit puree (we used an Organix jar)

Approx. 4 tbsp pine nuts or sunflower seeds


1. Cut the apple into quarters and slice out the seed core.

2. Cut each quarter into four long, thin slices to create 8 mouths with a top and bottom lip (you can dip these in a little lemon juice if you like to prevent the apple from turning brown).

3. Spread each ‘lip’ with nut butter and some red fruit puree then bring a top and bottom lip together and carefully stick in some pine nut or sunflower seed ‘teeth’ in between.



1 punnet blackberries (as many as you want to serve)

1 bunch seedless black grapes


1. Place 3 blackberries in a small bowl and mash completely with a fork or back of a spoon, releasing lost of lovely blackberry juice.

2. Use a new clean paint brush and paint a spiders web onto a large white plate using the blackberry juice. Place some blackberry ‘spiders’ onto the web.

3. To make the legs, cut the blackberries in half lengthways, or quarters. Add eight legs (slices) to each blackberry and suddenly you have a giant spiders web full of delicious juicy spiders that your children will devour in minutes!



Edible Eye Balls:

10 cherry tomatoes

Some cream cheese

20 cooked peas

Apple Bites:

1 small red apple

1 tbsp of lemon juice

Witches Cheese Fingers:

120g cheddar cheese

Pieces of red pepper


1. For the witches cheese fingers, cut the cheddar cheese into finger strips 1cm thick and 4-5cm long. Trim the cheese strip into a finger shape and draw the knuckle lines with the end of a spoon. Cut some cheese off each fingertip, then cut a small piece of red pepper into a nail shape. Place the piece of pepper on the end of each fingertip.

2. For the apple bites fill a bowl with some water and mix the lemon juice in the water. Cut the apple into 5 or 6 wedges and remove the core and seeds. Make sure that the wedges are the size you know your little one can handle. Place the apple slices in the lemon and water mixture to prevent them from browning. Work on one piece of apple at a time and carve a zigzag shape to the skin side, so that it looks like teeth.

3. For the edible eyeballs halve the cherry tomatoes and scoop out the seeds. Fill the cream cheese into the tomatoes. It's easier to do this using a small piping bag (to make a piping bag, fill a small food plastic bag with the cream cheese and squeeze all the cream to one corner at the bottom of the bag, make a small cut at the corner for piping). Add the peas to the centre of the cream cheese to make the pupil of the eyeball!

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