Reusable Hot And Cold Packs

From First Days Maternity Supplies
Category Pregnancy
Age Range 0-2+
Age Pregnancy
Price £10.00
Rating Bronze
Year Reviewed 2021
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Soothing hot/cold packs designed for postpartum recovery, but they can also be used for general aches and pains. Made from gel, the packs hold temperature well and come with two washable sleeves to hold in place. Suitable for all new mums, whether you deliver your baby by a vaginal or caesarean birth.

Testers Say

‘The packs were incredibly soothing and they helped me to get through the early days after my baby’s birth, a time when a lot of mums experience some discomfort which can be considerable on occasions. I used the cold pack in my underwear for relief and swelling immediately after birth – it was great! The warm pack came in really handy to ease breastfeeding discomfort. I’d highly recommend these to any new mum.’