Micro Fidgetz

From HGL/One For Fun
Category Pocket Money Picks
Age Range 3-5+
Age 3+
Price £3.99
Rating Highly Commended
Year Reviewed 2023
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Collect a total of 25 micro fidgetz toys, with five fidgetzs per container pod. Retro favourites include a mini pretend Rubik’s Cube, Slinky and magic snake as well as squishy bears, pop-its, fidget spinners and other familiar toys. Each Micro Fidgetz toy provides an interesting sensory experience such as stretching, light-up, snap and click, squeeze, suction, pop and flip.

Testers Say

‘So many micro fidgetz toys to choose from and play with! There was massive excitement over these cute, tiny, fidget toys, and the joy of the blind bag never fails! This is a collector’s dream.’