Little Swirly Whirly Car Ramp

From Addo Play
Category Imaginary
Age Range 0-2+
Age 12 months+
Price £15.00
Rating Highly Commended
Year Reviewed 2021
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Finally, a chance to have fun in a car park! This is perfect for kids who love whizzing down ramps, whether it’s the twisty slide at the playground or the ramp at the supermarket. Zoom down this helter-skelter ramp that’s made from lightweight, brightly-coloured plastic and comes with two vehicles, plus parking bays. Starting their journey at the top, the cars roll down the ramp gathering speed as they go. By the time they reach the bottom, they are super-speedy and ready for yet another adventure!

Testers Say

‘Good for independent play. Our girls had fun watching the cars whizz down the ramp and chasing after them as they ejected noisily onto our wooden floor.’