A Job Well Done Tool Set

Category Imaginary
Age Range 3-5+
Age 3+
Price £40.00
Rating Silver
Year Reviewed 2021
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There’s nothing like a spot of pretend do-it-yourself to get kids thinking about sizes and shapes, along with problem-solving too. This handy wooden tool set comes in a wooden van to screw the nuts and bolts on to, or to push along or carry. It includes a hammer, spanner, saw, spirit level, pair of pliers, screwdriver and a tape measure plus wooden pieces and nuts and bolts.

Testers Say

‘Sturdy enough to withstand lots of play, but light enough to be picked up and carried around even when all the tools are in the caddy. Our son (nearly five) loved playing “daddy fix it” although we made sure our three-year-old daughter got a look in too!’