5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Capsule Collectible Toy

From Zuru
Category Pocket Money Picks
Age Range 3-5+
Age 3+
Price £6.99
Rating Bronze
Year Reviewed 2021
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Five mini surprises hidden in segments that are packaged in a ball and peel apart like pieces of an orange. There are 60 different brands to collect, including toys from Nickelodeon, Mentos, Birds Eye, Skippy, Rubiks, Crayola, Babybel and more. Also keep an eye out for rare metallic and glow-in-the-dark minis!

Testers Say

‘Mini Sponge Bob and Angelica (Rug Rats) were the kids’ favourites! An affordable pocket-money spend and fun to collect – the toys even come in tiny little ‘display’ boxes.’