Yuck, not sprouts!


Sprouts, asparagus, cabbage and broccoli are the vegetables that children most hate to eat, according to a new survey from HelloFresh.

Other hated vegetables include courgette, cauliflower, green beans, sweet potato, carrots and peas – leaving little wriggle room for diet-conscious parents! Interestingly, green vegetables seem to be most disliked and carrots and peas are least unpopular! The survey found that more than two-thirds of UK parents struggle to get their kids to eat vegetables.

HelloFresh’s recipe development manager, Mimi Morley, has shared four top tips to help parents get their children to eat more vegetables:

Purée your vegetables

These are more digestible and something that you can introduce into your children’s diet from a very young age, getting them used to the flavour. As long as you blend the veg well, children won’t even realise what’s in the mix – which is great for adding the likes of nutrient-brimming kale, spinach and carrots. One tip is to puree vegetables to make a pasta sauce, adding loads of veggies to your delicious, child-friendly pasta meal?

Child-friendly recipes

Don’t expect your children to eat vegetables in the same way that you do. The key is to make sure the dish you serve tastes and looks child-friendly. The likes of kid-friendly vegetable soup recipes are a great way of getting vegetables into your children.

Encourage more, nag less

It can be so tempting to nag your children about eating their vegetables but doing so could deter them even further. Gentle encouragement and praise when they do try new vegetables is key.

Get children involved

Whether it’s involving them in the preparation and making of your food or asking them for creative ideas when it comes to family meal planning, children’s involvement in the process goes a long way. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy something they’d been a part of creating?

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