Where the grass is greener?


Dreaming of a new and better start to family life? A new survey reveals that Romania is the best European country to become a new parent, offering a whopping 621 days of shared parental leave, which represents 100 per cent more than Ireland who come in at second place.

Hungary takes third place with 51 fully paid days for both parents, and an additional 91 days of shared parental leave, while Sweden ranks fourth, boasting 216 days of fully paid leave for mothers and fathers but no shared parental leave.

The survey, conducted by Reboot SEO consultants, also found that on average in Europe, fathers receive 76 per cent less paid leave than mothers.

Reboot SEO consultants co-founder and managing director Naomi Aharony comments: ‘The EU has adopted promising new directives over the last few years to tackle the work-life balance for parents but there is still a way to go before equality for parents is fully achieved.’

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