Rediscover reading


With literacy levels in the UK at an all-time low, a new series of interactive reading boxes may help parents encourage their reluctant readers to enjoy books.

Max and Ivy Read & Play boxes (£19.99 each) offer kids from 3+ a story book and an activity or game. The choice of three themes gives little ones the chance to explore the worlds of magic, sports and spending, saving and sharing.

The sets are the brainchild of Ria Grover, mum of two, who says: ‘We wanted to bring books to life and take the chore out of reading. For reluctant readers who may prefer more physical activity, we aim to create stories that are more practical and relatable. The activities relate to the stories and vice versa. And for those already in love with reading, it’s a way to turn imagination into reality. As children learn through imitation, the boxes offer children the chance to copy the characters of Max and Ivy.’

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