Neverending laundry!


Did you know that parents spend an average of six hours a week washing and sorting laundry This equates to roughly six loads a week ­ and 24 hours of washing-work a month! Not only is it time consuming, but the task also ends up adding up when you factor in water costs, electricity and products required to make sure it’s done properly.

Cleanipedia researched home laundry habits and found that more than a third of parents in the survey didn’t know that lowering the temperate on the wash would help them save money. And there are many other simple hacks to save time and money on this tedious – but essential – task. However, laundry is one of the least dreaded chores at home, with only 13 per describing it as their least favourite. The most unpopular chores cited were cleaning the bathroom (34 per cent), ironing (30 per cent) and cleaning the windows (28 per cent).

Sadly, not many Right Start Online readers will be in a position to foist some laundry duties off on their children as the average age parents teach or would teach their child to do their own laundry is 11 years old.

Cleanipedia has some time and money-saving tips to share:

  • Regularly clean your machine – this will prevent clothes from coming out dirty and needing to be re-washed.
  • Lower the temperature on the wash or even wash on cold - ­ both will save you money.
  • Run a shorter cycle where possible.
  • Separate your colours from your whites to increase the longevity of your clothing, saving you cash in the long run.
  • Wait for a full load but make sure you don’t overload the machine – it can be tempting to do this to reduce the number of loads, but the washing won’t be cleaned properly and may need re-washing. You should be able to make a fist with your hand at the top of the drum.
  • Use versatile products that will be effective on a variety of fabrics at a range of temperatures.
  • Speed up drying time by adding a dry towel to your tumble dryer to absorb extra moisture – this will mean the tumble-drying run is shorter.