Making a move


Children who lead a sedentary lifestyle may be at risk of developing excessive insulin, raising the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new study from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter, and the University of Eastern Finland.

But the good news is that even light physical activity could reduce the risk. An average of light physical activity of just a few hours a day can lower the risk of excess insulin by 20 per cent, they claim.

‘Our studies have identified childhood sedentariness as a monster that threatens the young population across the globe,’ says Andrew Agbaje, physician and associate professor of clinical epidemiology and child health at the University of Eastern Finland. ‘Sedentariness should be recognised as one of the big independent causes of excess insulin, obesity, high lipid levels, inflammation, and arterial stiffness. Just three or four hours of light physical activity each day is critically important.’


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