Make new mum friends


As a young mum, your mind may be constantly teeming with things to do, people to see and places to go. Yet many new mums do feel terribly lonely, despite their busy schedules. And this is a particular problem if you have moved to a new area, something that many families do at this stage in their lives.

Parenting expert Holly Zoccolan is founder of the Carol app which connects and supports mums. She says: ‘Finding a support system as a new mum is so important to share experiences about motherhood’s good times and bad, to share advice, and simply to know you are not alone. It’s tremendously helpful for mums returning to work from maternity leave too, as they often have a mix of negative feelings including alienation, guilt and sheer fatigue. Nobody gets it quite like another mum, and this is why mum friends are so important!

Holly has these tips for mums who are feeling lonely:

Use a parenting app

Find a parenting app that supports and helps you meet new mums in your local area. Carol connects and supports mums throughout their motherhood journey. Here you can meet like-minded mums who live close by and have children of the same age. You will also have access to hundreds of expert-led resources on key areas of concern, from feeding to sleeping to development issues.

Take your child to local baby groups

Baby groups are great ways to meet other like-minded parents in the same area and with children of the same age. You can find local baby groups on social media, Facebook, Instagram as well as searching on Google or by checking your local village hall notice boards.

Head to the local park

If baby groups aren’t for you, taking your little one to the local parks a few times a week is a great way to meet other mums who live close by! Generally they are keen to chat while the children play together. It’s a win win!

Follow up

If you’ve met a mum with a child of the same age and enjoyed chatting, offer to swap contact details and set up a playdate. It can feel daunting, but the other mum is more than likely feeling just the same as you.

Attend post-natal fitness classes

Post-natal fitness classes are a great way to meet other mums, whilst doing something positive for yourself in raising your fitness levels.

Get out and about

We all know that getting out of the house can make us feel that little bit better. You never know who you will bump into in the local café and it could be just the like-minded new friend you’ve been looking for. The local library is usually filled with other mums browsing for books for their child, so it’s another place to meet new people. Some libraries also offer baby rhyme time which is a chance to attend a free class that both you and your baby will enjoy.

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