An app for all ages


Do you wish that your children – or you as a family – kept in better contact with the grandparents? Famileo, a family app that has taken France by storm and is now available in the UK, says its users are more likely to visit their grandparents.

In response to National Grandparents’ Day on October 2, Familieo surveyed 2,200 subscribers to the app. Almost half of the families who took part struggled to stay in touch with older relatives. But Familieo users are more likely to keep up that all-important connection.

Famileo works by respecting the communication habits of each generation – digital for the younger generation and paper for the older one. Younger family members add photos and messages on the app, which are compiled into a personalised newspaper or gazette that is printed and posted to their relative – usually a grandparent. As campaign groups in the UK warn that mobile apps may leave elderly people excluded, it offers a new solution to enrich family connectivity.

Eight in 10 app users in France said it eased communication with older relatives and three-quarters said it offered more meaningful interactions for families, with many using the gazette as a multi-generational conversation piece.

Each newspaper, or gazette, includes as many as 30 messages and can be delivered around the world. The idea is to help families, no matter where they are or how busy their lifestyle, stay in touch. The survey also found that Famileo improves the self-esteem and well-being of older adults, helping a huge majority (84 per cent) to feel more supported.