School stories


Is your child a newbie at big school this term? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all the kit they need? Check out our practical and fun first term ideas.


Some children simply can’t wait to start school, and others feel a little nervous. Whichever group your child falls into, there’s no better way of helping them prepare than reading a book together that explains what will happen there. STARTING SCHOOL (£5.94 paperback) by Janet and Allan Ahlberg is a timeless classic that’s perfect to share. With its quirky illustrations it’s full of fun and crucially it describes exactly what to expect through the school day, giving your child a real confidence boost.



For quality, low price and easy availability, try GEORGE AT ASDA UNIFORM for those essentials, sizes from age 3 years.

Pic 1 Pullover from £6, Trousers from £7.

Pic 2 Cardigan from £8, Pullover from £6, Skirt from £6.

Pic 3 Shirt from £3.50, Skirt from £6.



Pachee’s eco cotton canvas dual BELTBACKPACK (£35) has more than enough space to accommodate everything your child needs for the school day, plus a handy detachable belt bag that can be worn separately and extra padding for comfort. You can also add an array of woven iron-on patches to celebrate your child’s achievements.



ROCKET LUNCH BOX (£15) has got to be one of coolest lunchboxes ever, and it works well for boys and girls. Made in lightweight metal (no more squidgy sandwiches!) and plastic, it offers plenty of space for lunch and snacks.



What better way of making sure your pencil case doesn’t get lost than personalising it? BUTTERFLY PENCIL CASE colour in and learn (£12.95) comes with a set of 10 bright wash-out fabric pens and features butterflies of the world on one side and a 'graph paper' print on the other for kids to draw and doodle their own cool butterfly illustrations. And they can find out more info on all the butterflies by visiting the learning resource section at the website below.



Be prepared with the following:

  • Uniform – check the school website for what’s required and what is optional.
  • Shoes – remember that your child's feet can grow up to two sizes in six months, so you need to account for growth when buying shoes, but don’t buy too big!
  • Lunchbox – make sure it’s simple for your child to open and easy to keep clean. Think about your child’s appetite and make sure it’s the right size and that favourite foods (such as bananas) can be accommodated.
  • Stationery – schools often give a list of requirements which may include particular pencils for writing and some crayons or colouring pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler and a pencil case to hold it all in.
  • Backpack – get a lightweight one with enough space to hold your child’s lunchbox and a few A4 books.
  • Labels – Label everything from pencils to books, uniforms, shoes, jackets, lunchboxes, bags and anything else your child takes to school.
  • Folder – Your child may be given notes about books, field trips, after school activities etc, and a folder will mean they’re less likely to get scrunched up and lost. It’s also handy for sending notes to school and for things like party invitations.