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Looking for nursery items, large and small? Check out our top picks from some of the newest products around.


Price £44.99

Age 6 months +

Maker Infantino

Its full name is Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Two-Can-Dine Deluxe Feeding Booster Seat and it is pretty innovative! The clever multi-layered design is super convenient for growing families, allowing parents and carers to adapt the seat to their needs. With its compact ‘stack and split ‘concept, it offers four products in one: a stacked booster, an unstacked booster, a table booster and a toddler booster. Splitting the layers creates both an infant seat and toddler booster for growing children, so two can dine at once! It also features a detachable dishwasher-safe meal tray for little ones to use in booster seat mode. Easily attached to any dining chair, and with safety straps and soft foam inserts, it has a built-in portable handle to transport it around the home, or to family or friends at the weekend.



Price £80

Maker Béaba

Perfect for making easy, healthy food and snacks for babies, toddlers and the whole family, the Dry ‘n’ Snack not only preserves vitamins and minerals, it’s also energy-efficient. Dehydration extends the shelf life of food: short date food can be dehydrated rather than thrown away, helping to reduce food waste. The hydrator uses low temperatures to ’fan dry’ food ranging from fruit and veg to meat and fish: ideal for busy parents who want to make fuss-free batches of nutritious and inexpensive dehydrated purees, yoghurts and snacks for on-the-go to eat as they are, or rehydrated.

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Prices from £22

Age Birth +

Maker BabyBjorn

Well-loved Swedish brand BabyBjörn have launched their popular bathroom products in classic monochrome black and white. The Potty Chair (£33), Smart Potty (£27) and Step Stool (£22) are all designed for comfort and practicality and made from BPA-free plastic. A new addition to the range is the award-winning black Bouncer Bliss (£210) in cool mesh, with matching black and white toy bar. This is powered only by babies’ movements, encouraging motor skills, and the new wooden toy bar allows them to interact and spin the toys.



Price £9.99 for a pack of two

Age Birth +

Maker Cheeky Chompers

Babies love to touch, hold and discover from their earliest days, and this first toothbrush is specially designed to encourage teeth-cleaning through exploration. With a soft brush and different textures on the handle, it gently massages teething gums and the small head makes it easy to apply teething gels and toothpaste. As teeth start to appear, the Flexi-Brush will help keep them clean and introduce babies to to the sensation of tooth brushing. Designed in a safe shape to prevent choking hazards, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher or steriliser.

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Price £41.28

Age Birth +

Maker Infantino

This charming aqua blue mobile comes with three modes to grow with baby. For small babies, it attaches to the cot and will enchant little ones with its multicolour lights, 10 soothing melodies and sounds and peek ‘n’ see mirror. Three adorable buddies include a pelican, a narwhal and a cute sloth that’s removable for on-the-go in the car seat or stroller. As little ones grow, it transforms into a crib night light and multicolour star projector playing a range of gentle melodies. And finally, it converts into a tabletop light and projector. It also features a 20-minute auto off time and a wake-up mode to simulate daylight, so it’s handy for sleep training too.