Let’s party!


Goody bags can be a bugbear for parents, but where would a kids’ party be without them! Children’s craft party specialist Oglee Poglee have a solution: instead of sending party guests home with bags filled with sugary treats and dodgy plastic toys, check out their new collection of pre-filled craft party bags. Bursting with brightly-coloured shapes, cards, paper, glitter, sparkles and rainbow crayons, they are aimed at children from three to 10 years and are just the job for some imaginative post-party quiet time.

Hand-packed so no two bags are the same, Oglee Poglee Craft Party Bags encourage creative play. There are no instructions and lots of different ways to play: compose a card for a friend, write a letter to the elf that lives at the bottom of the garden, or create a superhero-inspired picture for the bedroom or nursery wall. The new collection includes:

UNICORN: with colourful paper and a selection of foam hearts, sparkly stars, unicorn shapes and stickers.

EMOJI: super-cool party bag for older kids, with mini cards, colourful paper, a rainbow crayon and a mix of quality crafting materials.

MY PET PARTY: for animal lovers, this is packed full of cute furry friends, animal print papers, pet stickers, googly eyes and more.

SUPERHERO: with superhero stickers and symbols, plus colourful papers, a rainbow crayon, superhero stickers and symbols.

CUPCAKES: packed with love hearts, cupcake shapes and pastel colours.

SPACE ADVENTURE: a handpicked selection of cosmic-themed craft items.

Other themes in the range include Woodland, Mermaid, Ocean, Space, Flowers, Pirate, Jungle, Dinosaur and Surprise. Each bag costs £4, plus 80p for a glue stick and £1.50 for a small PVA glue tub with spreader.

Visit www.ogleepoglee.co.uk