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Read on to discover how to plan the model nursery ­ in the perfect colour ­ for your child.


From Infantino

Price £59.99

Age from birth (3.6-18kg)

This carrier will help keep you and your baby regulated on the warmest or coldest of days, with a future-fabric that claims to regulate body temperature more effectively than other carriers on the market. It features four positions for infant-to-toddler carrying, a supportive waist belt and adjustable head support, ­ plus a large storage pocket on the waist to keep those must-have snacks within arm’s reach!



From Dreamegg

Price £33.99

Age from birth

Everyone wants a sleeping baby when they’re on the move! With its soothing white noise, this device comes in a new portable size to help babies sleep more soundly in any environment ­ but particularly when travelling. Compact and lightweight, it fits easily inside nappy bags, and includes a lanyard to attach to pushchairs and car seats. A menu of 21 soothing sounds helps to create a relaxing environment for little ones and a clever battery facility means that parents can take the machine on long-haul trips without worrying about running out of charge. Taking just three hours to charge via a USB-C port, the machine can be continuously used for over 60 hours.

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From Lascal

Price from £60

Age 2-5 years

Walking at a toddler’s pace, especially when they’re tired, is not ideal! This cool buggy board is just what every parent needs at those moments when it just doesn’t look like they’re ever going to reach their destination! It helps to keep children secure in high traffic areas with its large anti-slip surface, side protection and reflective decals. Innovatively designed, the suspension system with large durable wheels ensures a comfortable ride around corners, over kerbs and through doorways. And the patented easy-fit connection system means the board fits 99 per cent of pushchairs. A strap and hook allows you to to clip the board up and out of the way when not in use.



From Cheeky Rascals

Price £110

Age all

The whole family can benefit from this stylish, easy-to-clean humidifier that safely releases moisture into the air via an ultrasonic cooling mist. Super quiet when running, it also features three soothing sounds, an aroma tray to enhance relaxation and an optional nightlight. Providing up to 500sq feet of coverage, the cooling mist refreshes the air to support better sleep. It also reduces the spread of viruses such as coughs and colds and provides relief from some of the symptoms. With a 360 degree rotating nozzle, the soothing moisture mist can be directed as needed and thanks to the large 3.8L water tank it will last for up to 40 hours.



Creating a new bedroom/ nursery space for your child? Interior design experts at Unbeatable Blinds have come up with eight essentials to make it work:

A colourful space

White walls are often too boring and children generally prefer a brighter environment. Involve them in choosing their wall’s colour and maybe they could even have a go at a spot of carefully supervised painting!

A bed to grow into

Changing the bed each time your child becomes too big for it is costly. The sensible alternative is to get a bigger bed they can grow into.

Lots of storage

Even though they’re small, children usually have lots of stuff, so it’s essential to have as much storage space as possible in their room. This helps to keep the space tidy and teaches them that everything they own has a place.

A rug to relax on

A rug will give them a comfortable place to play and also give the room a pop of colour and a sense of completeness.

Privacy and shade

Like adults, children need their privacy and shade. While curtains are pretty, they can also be a hazard, ­ so roller blinds can be a sensible option and they come in a multitude of patterns and colours.


These are an absolute must in any kids’ bedroom. Reading with children is a great learning and bonding experience which they will probably remember all their lives.

Laundry basket

Teaching children how to take care of their clothes is important. Putting a laundry basket in their room can not only help you separate your child’s delicate clothing from your own but can encourage them to develop their own routine: understanding when an item of clothing is dirty, putting it away for laundry and changing into something.

A trash can

Another way to teach your kids about tidiness and cleanliness is to place a trash can into their room. You can also use this as a way to introduce the concept of waste and recycling.



The use of colour is key to a sense of wellbeing in your very own space. UK baby brand, Nuby have some tips on the psychology of colours from your child’s earliest days.

Birth to 3 months

Up to their third month, babies can only see primary shades of black, grey, and white as the retina is not fully developed. At this stage, colour doesn’t play a role in the development of cognitive behaviour.

But shapes and patterns do, and they’re incredibly important. Babies recognise light and dark contrasts, which send strong visual signals to the brain. Experts believe that visual stimulation is crucial for the formation of connections between nerve cells. The more stimulation, the more the optic nerve grows and the visual part of the baby’s brain advances.

So, make sure you feature a lot of contrasting patterns in primary shades in the nursery. Stripes, in particular, can be incorporated into an accent wall, bedding, a sleeping bag, blankets and cushions.

3 to 6 months

At this stage babies start seeing colour and are mainly attracted to bright ones. Surveys suggest that yellow is the most popular colour with British parents. The colour yellow is associated with brightness, motivation and a happy mood. It is also great for a gender-neutral nursery. Uber-bright yellow can be overstimulating, so make sure you go for more pastel or pale tones and don’t overdo it.

Pink is another colour to consider for your nursery as it is associated with safety and calmness. Blue induces sleep, and green has soothing properties too.

Babies and beyond

As children grow, they develop a better recognition of colour, which calls for introducing more subtle tones into the nursery. You don’t have to re-decorate: add it to accessories, such as cushions, blankets and so on. As children start to develop language, you can stimulate cognitive behaviour by actively engaging them in colour recognition games. Eventually, you will want to turn the nursery into a child’s bedroom. This is a great time to involve children in the design process and see which colours they’re drawn to.