Good green fun!


Why not combine play with helping to save the planet? Our eco toys are all designed to be sustainable and environmentally-safe. And they’re lots of fun to play with too!


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Price £22

From Janod

Age 12 months +

French toy brand Janod’s WWF collection features more than 30 sustainable toys made with 100 per cent eco-responsible materials. These cute animals, which help to develop hand-eye coordination and large motor skills, are two of them. The turtle, with its engaging removable shell and swaying body, will encourage little ones in early walking skills. The Koala provides constant laughter as babies learn to stack the different sections on to his wibbly wobby body. Janod will donate a percentage of the proceeds from every WWF® product sold to support NGOs.

Visit (turtle) and (koala).


Price £34.99

From Borg

Age 18 months +

Bring The Gruffalo book to life with this incredibly realistic set of large, posable Gruffalo and Mouse toys. Both are made from sustainable wood and plastic-free. The Gruffalo figure stands at 21cm tall, making him a very impressive companion for a child! The mouse stacks up well alongside him at 11cm. Tall figures like these encourage children to practise storytelling and re-enact real-life situations through the toys.

Bajo is a Polish-based, family-run company that runs a sustainable manufacturing process from start to finish, using only renewable, easy to recycle materials, such as wood, wool felt, organic cotton, cardboard and non-toxic paints and oils.



Price £28.99

From Green Toys

Age 3+

Set sail on this realistic ferry water toy for a journey across the seven seas of the bath or paddling pool. It comes with two-storeys, a large cargo area, a slide-out ramp and two Green Toys Mini Fastbacks cars. Use the slide-out ramp to load up the bottom cargo level that fits up to four vehicles or fastbacks. The open top deck has two small benches on each side and 11 windows looking down into the main level.

The dishwasher-safe ferry is made with recycled plastic which is non-toxic and contains zero BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings. It measures 25.4cm L x 16cm H x 16.77cm W.



Price £11.29

From Posh Paws

Age Birth +

A range of six super-soft and cuddly woodland toys including: Red Squirrel, Hedgehog, Fallow Deer, Barn Owl, Red Fox and European Rabbit. They are produced in high quality fabric and ultra soft stuffing using 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles and food containers from post-consumer waste. The hang-tags have also been produced using recycled cardboard and soy-based inks. Perfect for cuddling up to at bedtime, and for imaginative play later on.



Ten Little Ways to Save our Big Planet by Hollis Kurman Illustrated by Barroux

Price £12.99 hardback

From Otter-Barry Books

Age 3+

From one new tree and two breezy bicycle wheels to seven beach pick-ups, nine wild flowers and 10 friendly neighbours, follow a group of children as they discover how every small action can make a big difference and help to save our Earth. This book, with its charming illustrations, encourages young children and their families to push for change and keep our planet safe and secure for all living things. The endnote includes extra conservation information and useful websites for further exploration.

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